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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taking a bite out of crime: The guiltiest-looking dog ever is caught eating the cat's snacks

By Oliver Pickup

Was it you? Golden Labrador Denver shuts his eyes and scrunches up his nose when his owner accuses him of stealing the cat's bag of snacks

When an owner of two dogs returns home to find a empty bag of cat's treats, with the side of the plastic bitten open, he immediately has a suspicion of whodunnit - and it wasn't the cat.

The American turns on his video camera, picks up evidence - the empty food bag - and turns to the two dogs and proceeds to interrogate them, waving the crime object in front of their noses.

Both dogs, Macy and Denver, sit merely metres away from the scene of the crime, and their owner first asks Golden Retriever Macy, who's nearest, whether she ate the 'Party Mix' cat snacks.

Whodunnit: The empty bag of treats has been bitten open, the food eaten and the evidence left on the carpet

Macy, sitting less than a couple of yards away from where the bag was found on the carpet, appears very relaxed, and has next to no reaction when her owner questions her.

Her big eyes widen, she looks innocent and her owner conceded: 'I don't think it was you.'

With Macy in the clear, the camera pans to the left to reveal another dog, who is a little further away, next to the back door.

Denver, as he is called, is sitting rigidly upright, has his eyes closed and is wagging his tail furiously.

Innocent? The first dog approached is Macy, who is sitting nearest to the empty bag of food

Not guilty: Macy has a sniff of the empty bag, but she looks innocent

When his owner ventures over to the Golden Labrador, his tail continues to wag, and a smile curls across his lips - the smile, perhaps, of someone who has very much enjoyed doing something they were not supposed to do.

When the man interrogates Denver he fidgets uncomfortably and buries his head below the gaze of the camera, as though bracing himself for a telling off.

The empty bag is then waved in front of the dog's nose and his owner asks Denver whether or not he has eaten the cat snacks.

Looking shifty: Denver, the other dog, is sitting upright next to the back door - and his eyes are closed and his tail is wagging furiously

Lack of eye contact: The Golden Labrador looks nervous and will not look at his owner directly

In an admission of guilt Denver will not look his owner - or the camera - in the eye. 'It was you,' exclaims the disappointed man, at which point he ducks the camera in an effort to catch the dog's reaction.

Denver squirms more, but now reveals his teeth, and tensed up nose - it is as though he is crying, sad and disappointed in his own actions.

The camera pans out again to show that Denver is now cowering. His owner says: 'Well, you know the drill - go to your kennel.'

Off to the kennel: Denver walks off having been told off for scoffing all the treats which were supposed to be for the cat

Even before the word 'kennel' leaves the man's mouth, Denver the dog is off - tail between his legs - to the naughty zone.

The comic clip, which has attracted almost 30,000 hits in just over a week, is complete when the owner spins the camera back round to Macy.

She looks at the camera with her big eyes, and the man says: 'And I'm disappointed at you - you let this happen.'



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