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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who's a clucky boy then? Flyaway parrot found in a hen house sounds like a CHICKEN


Home sweet home: Jack the pet parrot sits comfortably at home in Prenton, Wirral, with astonished owners Jerry and Irene Williams and zoo keeper Andy Woolham

A flyaway parrot has been reunited with his owners after surviving the bitter winter by apparently sheltering in a chicken coop.

Jack the blue-fronted Amazon began to cluck when he was found – thought to be a sign that he had set up home in a heated hen house as he searched for his owners.

The 12-year-old bird vanished for 66 days after he flew out of an open door at Jerry and Irene Williams’s home in Prenton, Wirral, on November 21.

Who's a clever boy: Jack the pet Bluefronted Amazon parrot survived sub-degree temperatures before his miraculous return

After making it through the coldest December for a century, he was then found perched on a fence outside a tropical aviary at Chester Zoo, some 15 miles away, towards the end of January.

Andy Woolham, the zoo’s head parrot keeper, said: ‘I could tell he was ravenously hungry so I enticed him down with a grape.

'No parrot can resist a black grape.’

He said Jack would have been killed by the cold had he not apparently found shelter and food in a poultry shed.

Mr Woolham fed him up and passed him to his mother to care for while they searched for his owner.

Two weeks later a visitor to Mrs Woolham’s home recognised Jack from a ‘missing parrot’ poster she had seen at a local vet’s surgery.

Mr Williams, 58, said he was speechless when the zoo called to say Jack had been found.

‘Ever since the day I watched helplessly as he flew off over the trees at the end of the garden, I thought I’d never see him again,’ he said.

‘It’s wonderful to have him back.’

source: dailymail


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