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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is Denver the world's cutest puppy? Loving owner captures puppy having fun in the forest on his first adventure

By Leon Watson

Bounding along on his first time out for walkies, this furry little gundog puppy is one of the most angelic you'll ever see.

These pictures of Denver, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, were taken by its proud owner Morgan Taylor and posted up on the internet.

And they got quite a reaction.

Denver the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever makes his first investigations into the world

Morgan's photo album has been deluged with posters commenting on how lovable little Denver is ever since the toller was born in August last year.

One said: 'This is sooooooo cute! what a little cuddle bug.'

Another admirer, called Lisa, said to Denver: 'You've got it all going on - the paws, the face, and that freaking fur. You'll be able to run the world in no time.'

Morgan, from Vancouver, British Columbia, had posted the pictures of Denver out in the forest, in the park and at home on the photo sharing site Flickr.

Denver meets a friend for the first time when out and about with his owner

Walkies: Denver poses for the camera while out getting some exercise in the forest

Little climber: Denver don the decking at Morgan's home in Vancouver

Angelic little pup: Morgan Taylor takes Denver into the forest

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever close up looking lovable

Good morning: Denver says hello to the world

Time for a cuddle: Morgan fastens a lead onto Denver as the step out into the forest

Bounding along: Denver jumps over some tree routes with a stick in his mouth

Standing tall: Denver jumps while he's out having fun



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