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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who’s the underdog now? Nail-biting video captures kitten’s epic David-and-Goliath battle against huge Doberman

By Snejana Farberov

Cats have always been known to be weary of dogs, but apparently no one informed Pancake the kitten about it.

In an adorable yet nerve-wrecking video posted on YouTube Sunday, the fearless seven-week-old feline is seen lunging time and again at Sugar Tree – a giant Doberman with a mean set of teeth.

The user who posted the video, which so far has been viewed more than 25,000 times, wrote that she is fostering the tiny kitten for a friend, while the two-year-old Doberman is her house pet.


Close encounter: Sugar Tree the Doberman bears its sharp teeth and goes after his furry assailant, Pancake

Attack pose: Pancake appears to be putting his best paw forward in his battle against the dog

Slap in the muzzle: Underrated by the size of its opponent, Pancake gets its claws out and goes on the offensive

In the footage, Pancake charges at his snarling opponent, getting his tiny paws in its face and seemingly tries to scratch it.

Sugar Tree doesn’t seem impressed by the onslaught in the least, bearing its large fangs and going after the furry house guest with apparent gusto.

In a tense moment, it appears as if the Doberman is going to bite the kitten in half when the dog grabs Pancake's arched back with its maw, but in the end it’s all just part of some cat-on-dog roughhousing.

Uh oh: In a tense moment, it appears like Sugar Tree is biting the kitten

Best pals: The Doberman's owner has been fostering Pancake for a friend, and the pair in fact gets along great

Sugar Tree’s owner commented that her two-year-old pet is ‘probably embarrassed’ that she uploaded the video capturing the inter-species horseplay.

Besides temporarily sharing its Sahuartia, Arizona, home with the pugnacious Pancake, the Doberman hangs out with three other dogs and two camels named Baby and Nessie.



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