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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rare albino seal photographed for the first time as he makes a splash at zoo (and he hasn't even got a name yet)

By Daily Mail Reporter

A rare albino fur seal made his first ever public appearance at a German zoo today with visitors being asked to help choose him a name.

The adorable pup, with pink nose and flippers, stuck close to his mother Hamriee as they splashed around the pool at Dortmund Zoo.

Visitors are being asked to pick a name for the adorable redhead by voting from a shortlist of Chilo, Albus, Claro, Rubio and Branco.

Cute redhead: The as yet unnamed albino fur seal makes a tentative entrance at Dortmund zoo

Give us a kiss: The adorable pup gives mother Hamriee a tender peck as they play around to the delight of the public

Family ties: The rare albino was born on 26 May but keepers decided to give him and his mother time to bond before he was introduced to the public

Mother Harimee gave birth on May 26, but keepers decided to keep them away from public view so the pair could bond.

Frank Brandstätter, director of Dortmund Zoo told The Local: 'The keepers noticed as soon as they went in to see the baby,'

'At the moment he seems completely healthy, but we will be keeping a careful eye on him as he could develop health problems.

'Albinism is extremely rare and can be associated with health difficulties.'

Researchers could only find details of only one other albino seal which was born in captivity about 20 years ago. Sadly that animal died while just a few days old.

Visitors to the zoo are being asked to choose a name for the pub from a shortlist of Chilo, Albus, Claro, Rubio and Branco

Making a splash: The little albino follows behind his mum as they swim around the pool



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