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Friday, June 29, 2012

Splash of colour: Bright bird shows off its incredible plumage as it dives head first into bath

By David Baker

..This brightly coloured bird looks to be having a splashing good time as it shows of its eye catching plumage.

Readying itself to make a big splash the 'Painted Bunting' bird was snapped in these incredible shots, while washing itself in a bird bath.

The multi-coloured U.S. bird tip-toes up to the bath but its not before too long that he dives straight in.

Splash of colour: The Painted Bunting bird readies itself for a wash as it perches on the side of a bird bath

Splashing good time: The colourful bird ruffles its feathers as it splashes around in the bath

Ray of light: The amazing shots were captured by Geoff Powell at Jekyll Island, in Georgia, USA

The amazing shots show the bird with its distinctive blue head, red chest and yellow back and were captured by photographer Geoff Powell at Jekyll Island, in Georgia, USA.

He said: 'It was a thrill to witness.

'The painted bunting is arguably the most diversely colourful bird in the U.S., certainly along the east coast.

Headfirst: The Painted Bunting launches itself back into the water bath showing of its impressive plumage along the way

Soggy: Its distinctive blue head, red chest and yellow back can still just about be seen as it thrashes around in the water

De-light-ful: The incredible pictures were captures using a camera with a slow shutter speed

'I was very excited when he came to bath, which enabled me to get the images.

'Jekyll Island is a great place to view migrating song birds and warblers, which is why I visited the island that week.

'Being in a southern climate the birds were very much drawn to various baths that people put out for them.

'This particular bath was at the campground at which we stayed.

'Before too long he is fully in the water shaking ferociously without the slightest care for his appearance.

He used a slow shutter speed to capture the rapid bird movements.



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