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Monday, June 18, 2012

One monkey and his dog: Primate rounds up sheep at the rodeo, on the back of a border collie

By Daily Mail Reporter

Bud the border collie and Whiplash the Rodeo Monkey performing in Reno, Nevada

They are an inseparable double act – Bud the border collie and Whiplash the Capuchin monkey.

What’s more, there’s nothing they like better than rounding up sheep – to the delight of the crowds at the rodeo in Reno, Nevada.

Whiplash, 27, is now a favourite at the rodeos in the US south-west.

Monkey magic: Whiplash shows off his moves in the rodeo arena

According to owner Tommy Lucia, he keeps his collies on a short rein.

‘The sheepdogs know their place and he curses them if they are not doing what he says,’ he said.

'He's got such a strong will you never quite know what he's going to do - there's always a surprise. But he's a natural in the saddle.

'When he's done for the day he goes to our motor home for dinner. His favourite foods are pears, apples, bananas and especially strawberries.'

Whiplash, riding a trusty border collie for a steed, concentrates on the job in hand - rounding up sheep

A little help from his friend: Owner Tommy Lucia leads Whiplash by the hand in preparation for his routine

Mr Lucia dismisses claims from animal campaigners that Whiplash would be better off in the rainforests of Central or South America, his native habitat.

'I rescued him from a stinking cage in Florida when he was just a baby and I can assure you he'd let me know if life wasn't good,' he declared.

Western: Whiplash has the studied air of an old-fashioned cowboy as he rides Bud through the ring

Popular: A large crowd turned out to watch Whiplash strut his impressive stuff in Reno



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