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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mommy bear to the rescue after cub gets trapped in a garage... but HOW did she open the door?

By Laura Cox

The bear cub starts off trying to hoist himself him onto the beam, having slipped off before the camera started rolling

If you go down to the woods today… you won’t find this bear cub. He has taken up residence in a garage instead.

Check out this heartwarming video of the adventurous bear, squealing as he tries to find a way down from the beam he is perched upon.

He slips and swings monkey-style, clinging on with his front two paws and trying to hoist himself back up.

After a struggle he rights himself and starts to creep gingerly along the beam

After some fairly acrobatic moves he manages to get back in position on the pole and takes a short breather before edging gingerly along to try to find a safer way down.

Every now and again his paws slip and he finds himself on his belly, lacking the necessary grace of a trapeze artist.

With one leg hanging haphazardly from the beam he steals a glance at the ground and barks discontentedly at the distance.

Distracted by the noise of the garage door opening he slips once again

At that moment the garage door starts to slide upwards and the cub starts yelping excitedly.

When the camera next pans round to the entrance, momma bear is standing there, having come to the rescue and somehow managed to open the sliding door.

Or at least that’s what it looks like. The source of the video hasn’t yet been identified and her reaction is almost too human to be real.

She stands on her hind legs in the garage doorway, propping up the door with one paw, her head cocked slightly to one side disapprovingly as though saying ‘I told you it wasn’t a good idea!’

Dropping back down onto all fours and disappears behind a parked car.

The camera pans round and focuses on mommy bear, reaching up to open the garage door so that she can get at her cub

With encouragement from his mom the cub carefully lowers himself onto a ladder which is propped up against the wall

The bear shimmies down the ladder to safety and finally his ordeal is over

Seeing his mother gives the cub a courage boost and he shifts over toward a ladder propped up against the wall before carefully shimmying down.

Safely back down on solid ground he bounds over toward his mother, yapping furiously. Is that bear talk for ‘I didn’t mean to mom!’?

The video was posted on YouTube on Wednesday after the garage owner spotted it lurking in the shadows and has been viewed 5,700 times.

What isn’t explained is how the cub got in there in the first place, or whether he left with his mom, since the video cuts off without showing them leave.



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