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Friday, June 1, 2012

Look out, it's Spider Cat! Amazing video shows gravity-defying feline walking head-first down side of a fridge

By Rebecca Seales

Forget Spider Man - and Spider Pig from The Simpsons Movie: there's a brand new webbed wonder in town.

Meet Piggy, the amazing feline whose cat-robatics have already captivated thousands.

According to her owner, the talented moggie likes nothing better than a daily stroll down the side of the fridge - and never shows a sign of falling off.

Scroll down for video...

What a cutie! Piggy eyes the camera before taking the plunge

Going, going...The fearless feline stares over the edge of the fridge for a second

Calling herself LowkeyFlix187 on YouTube, Piggy's owner shared her pet's prowess in a home-made video.

The brown and white cat can be seen mewing confidently before tipping right over the top of the fridge and walking down the side of it, head facing the floor.

No, your eyes aren't lying...That's Piggy the cat walking straight down a vertical drop

Casual: The gravity-defying pet takes a paws for thought half-way down - but shows no sign of slipping off

Ground level: Piggy reaches the floor without fuss - and is greeted by a furry friend

As if she knows she's on camera, the little show-off can't resist stopping half-way down and looking around just to prove her gravity-defying skills.

Though it looks as if Piggy may be leaning on the wall, she must still have what her owner fondly terms 'super grippy paws!'

Since the video of her star turn was uploaded less than a month ago, almost 33,000 have enjoyed the glamour puss's pro performance.

We don't know about you, but we'd say that's the cat's pyjamas!



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