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Friday, June 8, 2012

Come back 'ere! Mother monkey teaches misbehaving baby a lesson as she grabs him by the tail

By Daily Mail Reporter

This is the moment a cheeky little monkey got put in his place by his mother.

The baby macaque received short shrift from his tired looking parent when he tried to run away from her - but ended up being yanked back by his tail.

The youngster had been playing for hours when she decided it was time to go home - but her little one wanted to go back to his friends.

Playtime's over: This cheeky little Macaque is grabbed by his mother as he desperately tries to get back to playing with his friends on a street in Java, Indonesia

Amateur photographer Alex Saberi, 35, captured the hilarious moment on camera while watching the long tailed macaques playing in the street while on holiday in Java, Indonesia, last month.

Alex, from Putney, London, said: 'I had been hanging around for around an hour watching all the monkeys playing, fighting and grooming one another.

'There were quite a few youngsters there, and they were jumping about everywhere and play fighting.

Drink up: The mother macaque shows her baby how to drink water from a tap. The hilarious pictures were taken by amateur photographer Alex Saberi, 35, from Putney during his holiday last month

Mum knows best: She keeps her cheeky little youngster close as he watches his friends playing around in the street

'This mother came along and grabbed her baby, and held him for a couple of minutes.

'She started walking away with him; obviously it was time to go home.

'But he was having none of it, and tried to escape and play with his friends again.

Multi-storey fun: A group of young Macaque's lark around on a shop's display rack

'His mum was too quick for him though, and managed to grab him just in time before he got away.

'I always loved monkeys as a child, and I still love watching them now.

'I think their similarities with humans are really funny, and their expressions and naughty behaviour makes me laugh.

'I'm now planning on putting together a photography book on monkeys and apes around the world.'



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