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Friday, June 22, 2012

'Can I sleep here, Mum?' Wonderful photograph captures the moment a cute baby swan shuns its nest and decides to rest on its mother's back

By Rob Preece

..Many parents will admit it can be difficult to put their little ones to bed at times.

And judging by this wonderful photograph, it seems baby swans are no exception.

A little cygnet decided not to sleep in the nest its mother made for it, and opted to rest on her instead.

Rise and shine: The cute cygnet looked perfectly content waking up on its mother's back

The cute cygnet is only weeks old but already seems very relaxed about life, looking perfectly content waking up on its mother's back.

Chris Wilson, 47, took the picture at a small lake in Kingsteignton, Devon.

He was working on his allotment when he spotted the birds resting nearby and immediately grabbed his camera.

The swans built a nest on a small island which keeps them safe from predators.

They share the island with a nesting mallard and a pair of geese.

Despite capturing an adorable moment shared by a mother and her young, Mr Wilson was modest about his picture.

He said: 'I think the shot shows a pair of birds very relaxed and content with their company. That's about it.'

Safe from harm: The birds have built a nest on a small island which keeps them away from predators



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