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Saturday, May 12, 2012

You can't have a swing without me! Baby panda joins relaxing mum (and apologises for disturbing the peace)

By Daily Mail Reporter

Room for one more? Mother Yang Yang, left, relaxes on the swing as her son, Fu Hu approaches

After a hard day's bamboo munching, Yang Yang the giant panda was looking forward to a gentle swing possibly leading to a snooze.

Her son Fu Hu had different ideas, of course. Just like a human youngster demanding attention, he waved frantically at his mother to show he wanted to join her in the rope contraption at Vienna Zoo.

She looked as irritated as a panda can be as he clambered clumsily aboard. But when he finally sat facing her, paws raised in apparent apology, it seemed that all was forgiven and the swinging recommenced.

Elevenyear- old Yang Yang and her partner Long Hui are on loan to Austria from the Chinese government. Fu Hu and his twin brother Fu Long were born in August 2010, after which Fu Long was sent to China as part of the national breeding programme

In you come: Fu Hu attempts to get into the swing with his mum at Vienna Zoo

Sorr-ee! Fu Hu raises his paws in supplication after joining his mother in the swing



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