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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who's the fur-est of them all? Cute cats and dogs get all dressed up for high fashion show

By Daily Mail Reporter

Royal approval: These two bemused cats were given princely makeovers during the animal show in Belarus

It's sometimes said that animals do the daftest things, but if these pictures are anything to go by, it's the owners who are responsible.

This group of preened pets were given costumes ranging from royalty to flowers as part of a bizarre animal show in Minsk, Belarus this weekend.

Among the cats looking none-too-pleased to be arranged into wacky costumes were one pair who were dressed as princes, complete with tiny crowns and gold-trimmed royal regalia.

Queen of the show: Another puzzled pet also got a royal makeover thanks to this 'Snow Queen' silver crown and costume

High fashion: This white cat was subjected to a more style-conscious effort with a black Gucci dress ensemble

Hair-raising: Dogs were also part of the bizarre show, such as this animal given a huge 'beehive' style makeover

Another surly-looking pet was given the royal makeover treatment thanks to a 'Snow Queen' outfit featuring a miniature silver crown and a matching silver dress.

One high-fashion offering at the Belarus pets show saw a white cat covered in a black Gucci clock, held by its proud owner.

Dogs were also subjected to the colourful exhibition, which featured competitions, shows and pet themed activities across two days.

One preened pooch was given a voluminous hairdo to rival that made famous by Amy Winehouse, thanks to a huge 'beehive' of fur styled over her head.

Pretty in pink: This white cat didn't look especially pleased to be made the centre part of what was meant to be a flower costume

Pets win prizes: A woman displays her Siamese cat during the cat and dog show, which also featured competitions and activities for pet lovers

Pigtail pet: A cat's owner goes for a more simply approach to feline fancy dress using a pair of yellow pigtails and red hat

The cat's whiskers: The two-day exhibition saw a wide variety of pet get-ups, with this royal-themed effort among the more flamboyant

The Snow Queen moggy didn't look particularly impressed with the costume she was made to wear for her owner's big day out



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