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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

P-p-p pecked by a penguin! The moment curious young bird has first encounter with a human (and he seems to be rather hungry)

By Tammy Hughes

Who's this? The confused baby penguin stares as Joel

Penguins have long since been a subject of fascination for people.

Our obsession has spanned generations and resulting in films, TV shows, books and even a chocolate bar.

But this new footage seems to prove that the little creatures are just as interested in us as we are in them.

This incredible clip shows how a baby penguin came to be mesmerised by a lone traveller on a trip to Antarctica.

Scroll down for video...

Playtime: The penguin seems to think that Joel is a rock and tries to jump over him

Travel blogger Joel Oleson lies down to take a break when a this curious little creature comes to say hello.

At first the cheeky chappy seems to take Joel for an over-sized rock and attempts to jump over him.

After getting stuck he appears to takes a keener interest by pecking Joel's face affectionately and making a happy chirping sound.

Watch it! The penguin hits Joel in the face with a wing

Remarkable footage: The penguin gets over-excited as he realises that he's made a discovery

At one point Joel's new friend gets a little bit over excited and starts snapping at his nose and hat playfully.

The adorable video has had more than 140,000 views on YouTube since it was posted in February this year.

One user commented: 'That was lovely!! Thank You for posting.'

Rescue me! Joel looks helplessly at the camera as the bird starts to peck his face

Take it easy! The penguin nips Joel excitedly willing him to play



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