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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The leopard with a ladder: Wild cat given helping hand to escape slimy pond after getting into a spot of bother on tea estate

By Julian Gavaghan

Help, I'm in a tight spot! A wild leopard after it fell into a water tank in Sangatram, north-east India

Stuck in a slimy pond, this leopard was certainly in a tight spot.

But the wild cat, who fell in the gungy reservoir surrounded by a 14ft wall, was given a lucky escape after rescuers put a ladder in the water.

Rescue attempt: A wildlife official wearing a crash helmet for safety throws in a rope and a net to no avail

The beast, who had been languishing in the tank for more than an hour, dully climbed out and disappeared into the forest near the tea estate in Sangatram, north-east India.

A team of foresters from the Sukna Wildlife Squad had earlier tried to pull the leopard out of water with a net.

Climb for freedom: A wild leopard scales the ladder and runs back off to the nearby forest

But the animal refused to let himself be caught. The ladder was a lucky last resort.'

No doubt it made a vow to watch its step in future.



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