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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lazing on the river, Sammie the seal soaks up the sun in his very own dinghy

By Daily Mail Reporter

When it comes to relaxing, you’ve got to do whatever floats your boat.

For Sammie the grey seal, it means soaking up the sun in his very own leisure craft.

He was spotted basking in the dinghy at Dittisham in Devon.

Relaxing: Sammie the seal takes it easy in his very own dinghy on the river Dart at Gurrow Point at Dittisham, Devon

Like a film star: Photographer Peter Mackley said that Sammie launched himself into the boat like a small kid launching himself onto a lilo

Laid back: The seal uses the craft like a lounger to enjoy the sunshine

Moored off Gurrow Point at Dittisham in the River Dart, the bright orange craft has become like a swimming pool lounger for the animal as he dozes in the sun while letting the rest of the world drift by.

Peter Mackley, who owns the Gurrow Point private estate nearby, saw the seal flopping into the boat and grabbed his camera. ‘It was like a small kid launching himself on to a Lilo,’ he said.

‘He was lolling back like a film star.’

Sammie is a familiar sight in the Dart and before finding the dinghy, was often seen sunning himself on the shore.



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