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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's yoga bear! The polar cub who can't resist showing off her stretches

By Daily Mail Reporter

Bearing up: The five-month-old cub shows off her stretches as she enjoys the morning air at Moscow Zoo

She's the polar cub whose bear necessities stretch to a spot of yoga in the morning.

Caught in this set of endearing pictures, the five-month-old is seen stretching her legs and balancing on her paws in what could easily be part of a gym routine.

She then turns on her back and stretches the same leg as if she is preparing for a big burnout or a chilled yoga session.

Perfect pose: The cub is one of a set of triplets born late last year. She has only ventured outside in recent weeks

However, she soon wears herself out and slumps against her gigantic mother Simka for a short nap.

The unnamed cub, one of a set of triplets born late last year, was photographed by Olga Gladysheva at Moscow Zoo last month.

She said: 'I caught the moment when the cub started to do aerobics and everybody who saw it laughed.

'The kids were born at the end of last year and when they grow up they do the most amusing things.

'I have seen them do this a few times and with this girl cub it's always the same stretch, she seems to love it.

'I took the shots around 10 metres away. The mother and her three kids were in some really interesting poses in just the half an hour while they were out in the sun.

'Right now the cubs are starting to swim and it's very funny to watch them. I hope I'll see even more interesting poses as the months go on this year and they head towards adulthood.

'The aerobics always seem to happen after sleeping, often during the day. Afterwards the kids start to play and then sometimes the aerobics start. It's fascinating to watch.

'Simka does very interesting aerobics for her neck every day but the cubs aren't repeating it just yet.

'I guess they'll do it when it becomes a bit more instinctive for them.'

The cubs are the offspring of Simka and male bear Vrangel.

Cautious: The bear totters delicately towards the water after completing her exercise routine

And then it's time for a sleep: She curls up tight to mother Simka after her exertions



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