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Friday, May 18, 2012

Is this the world's cutest baby monkey? Tiny grey langur shows his beautiful blue eyes during stunning close-up

By Chris Parsons

This tiny baby monkey may still be making his way in the world, but he certainly does not appear camera shy.

The little grey langur baby already boasted a pair of beautiful deep blue eyes when he played up to the camera near his home in India.

The baby creature was captured by Russian photographer Sotskov Nikolay with other wild monkeys near the city of Bhubaneshvar in India.

Ready for my close-up: The adorable baby grey langur monkey showed he was not camera shy when pictured near his Indian home

Although the 29-year-old amateur snapper pictured this adorable baby langur in India, the species live anywhere from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even Afghanistan.

Grey langurs generally prefer the highest branches of trees, but when living in human environments are known to settle at the top of towers and even electric poles.

Some rarer species of grey langurs have a threatened conservation status, with only hundreds remaining in the world, but there are thought to be around 300,000 langurs currently in India.

Baby steps: The tiny creature was spotted with other wild monkeys at a temple in Bhubaneshvar, India



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