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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hammy's got talent! Intelligent hamster trained by owner to play dead when he 'shoots'

By Tammy Hughes

When Uggie the talented canine from hit movie The Artist was denied an Oscar some considered it to be ruff justice.

But now a new star from the animal kingdom is set to impress with its incredible acting skills.

This remarkable YouTube video uploaded by a content user known only as Athanasius Mike shows a brilliant performance by a pet hamster.

Scroll down for video

Showdown: The hamster looks intently at the 'gun' as its owner prepares to shoot

In the short clip the little rodent pretends to drop dead when its owner 'shoots' it with a gun.

Nearly 100,000 people have viewed the footage on the popular sharing site and more than 100 users have left various comments.

Including one who said: 'Thats no hamster, it's a hamSTAR.'

Bang! The tiny rodent pretends to be struck by a fake bullet and collapses against the wall

Talent: As the owner's finger disappears from the clip the hamster pretends to slump back against the wall and then flops onto the floor

And another who added: "Hahahahaha!This hamster is awesome!!!'

The film shows a menacing finger pointing at the pet who bravely stares down the barrel of the 'gun'.

But when the person pretends to shoot, by shouting 'bang', the clever animal falls backwards and slumps against the wall with its eyes closed.

It is understood that no hamsters were harmed in the making of this video.



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