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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Couple return to their farmhouse to find two tawny owls huddled up in their OVEN

By Leon Watson

Beverley and Kenneth Parker came in from the cold on Friday afternoon to discover two tawny owls in their wood burning stove

They say owls are smart – but this one appears to have been at the back of the queue when they were dishing out wisdom.

He and his mate decided to shelter from the freezing weather by popping down the flue of a wood-burning stove. Fortunately for the pair of tawny owls, the fire was unlit at the time.

They were found cosied up in the grate by Kenneth and Beverley Parker when they returned to their Suffolk farmhouse near Stowmarket after a trip away.

The couple released the birds back outside after closing the curtains in their room to encourage them out of the stove.

Mrs Parker, 54, said: ‘Luckily we had been out and the burner wasn’t on but if they had fallen down the other chimney, it is always lit so it wouldn’t have been such a happy ending.’

The RSPB is urging people to help birds during the cold winter months by providing food, including high calorie food like sunflower hearts, suet pellets and kitchen scraps, as well as water and shelter for birds.

The Parkers once found a live pigeon in the wood burner in Suffolk

RSPB wildlife advisor Val Osborne said: 'This "blow-in" is a great reminder that birds need our help during cold weather, though perhaps these tawny owls were a bit too keen!

'The ups and downs in temperatures are confusing for wildlife and though it is getting milder this week, we might not be through the worst of it yet.

'With the breeding season just around the corner, it is important for birds to be on top form to breed.'

Mrs Parker added: 'Luckily we had been away as the burner wasn’t on but if they had fallen down the other chimney, it is always lit so it wouldn’t be such a happy ending.'



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