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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Disco gecko oozes cool as he dances himself dizzy in hilarious set of images

By Leon Watson

Here's some disco-dancing that's really off the scale - a group of groovy geckos who know how to party.

The rhythmic reptiles are proving themselves to be little John Travoltas with their dazzling dance routines.

Owner Shikhei Goh photographed the creatures after buying them from a pet shop and getting them home.

Gettin' Jiggy wit It: Indonesian photographer Shikhei Goh took these snaps of geckos getting the party started

He placed them on a reflective surface and watched as they got a bit excited and started lashing out with their arms and legs and shaking their bootie.

Their actions mimicked a series of funky disco moves similar to those seen on the film Saturday Night Fever.

One hilarious image shows a gecko striking a legendary Travolta pose with one of its arms in the air while another is of a reptile doing a 'kung-fu fighting' cameo.

Shikhei, 37, uploaded the pictures onto the internet and now thousands of people from around the world have viewed them.

Watch and learn, Peter Crouch: This little mover looks like he's doing The Robot

Busting some moves: Photographed on a glass sheeted dance floor with a simple black background, these rumba dancing go-getters know how to jiggle

Le Freak: There Ain't No Stoppin' the reptile with rhythm on the left, and the one on the right is definitely no cold-blooded lizard, this fella's Hot Stuff

Shikhei, from Indonesia, said: 'I mostly photograph insects but then I bought the geckos and decided to take some pictures.

'These geckos come from Pakistan and these three were difficult to picture because they kept moving.

'But it did look like they were dancing and one shot looks as if one is doing a kung-fu kick.

'I am a hobby photographer but I have received texts messages and emails from around the world since I put these online.'



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