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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The ant who uses his marbles to scale giant green bubble that just won't burst

By Daily Mail Reporter

Not budging: The tiny ant refuses to move as the wet rolling marble comes towards him

These fascinating pictures have captured the hilarious antics of a stubborn ant who refuses to move out of the way of a rolling marble.

The brilliant little critter refused to be fazed by the giant obstacle which formed a shape like a bubble due to rain.

The tiny ant must have thought he was losing his own marbles when - despite his best attempts - the towering 'bubble' just wouldn't burst.

Attack: The brave ant decides to climb on top of the marble which due to the rain water gives off the appearance of a giant bubble

The hilarious images were captured by amateur snapper Teguh Santosa outside his home in Indonesia in January.

Mr Santosa had placed marbles on a wall to try and divert the marching ants towards him - but this one refused to be moved as a marble set off down a slope.

Instead the brave ant tried to 'burst' the glass ball, before storming over the top - even pausing on top to look at the view.

The 49-year-old spotted the ant attempting to stop the marble and quickly grabbed his camera to catch the hilarious moment.

Mr Santosa said: 'This photo was taken on a wall wet with rain. I put the marbles on the walls and it formed a shape like a bubble.

'My intention was to redirect the ants around the marbles to I could photograph them close up.

Frustrated: The ant just can't get the 'bubble' to burst as he tramples all over it

'But this one refused to do so and just went over it.'

Amateur photographer Mr Santosa who began taking pictures 20 years ago with a loaned camera, got up at 6am to catch the ants on their morning hunt for food in his garden.

He added: 'For me ants are very expressive animals. Ant's movement seem to be the personification of man.

'Photographing ants require patience, because their beauty lies in the funny moments, which you have to wait around for.'



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