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Friday, November 25, 2011

Welcome to Dogwarts! The cute and hilarious pictures of dogs dressed to look like Harry Potter

By Richard Hartley-parkinson

The dog to the left appears to be keeping his books safe while the retriever (right) spends his time in the library

These could be the latest recruits at Dogwarts, or they may even be characters in the Philosopher's Bone.

Owners of these dogs have taken pictures of them dressed up as Harry Potter or characters from the books and posted them online.

While the hero of the JK Rowling books is by far the most parodied of the characters with his distinctive round glasses and lightning scar, a couple of others make it into the collection.

Harry and Ron? With his distinctive orange hair, this dog looks like Harry's sidekick Ron Weasley

One of them is given an orange wig, clearly a reference to Harry's best friend Ron Weasley.

Another has clearly put in a lot of effort with its owner creating two heads so that he looks like Fluffy, the three-headed dog that guards the Philosopher's Stone.

Quidditch has also been included in the collection of images with one dog holding a branch that could pass for a broomstick.

Fluffy: This dog has grown some extra heads to look like Hagrid's dog who falls asleep upon hearing music

One of the dogs has a go at fictional Harry Potter game Quidditch, left, while another suits the colours of Harry Potter's house Gryffindor

This Harry Potter dog looks less than impressed at being put in pipe-cleaner glasses and a scarf

The dog on the left looks like he's just arrived at Hogwarts and is under the sorting hat



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