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Friday, November 18, 2011

That's what you call a bear-knuckle fight: Playful pals in wrestling match at the zoo

By Daily Mail Reporter

Furry fighters: The Sun Bears go at each other tooth and nail as they grapple on the floor of their enclosure at Zoo Miami in Florida while photographer Adrian Tavano caught the action

These two bears looked like professional wrestlers as they took it in turns to pin each other to the ground.

The playful Malayan Sun Bears - named after a golden yellow patch on their chest - grappled under a tree before rolling around on the floor.

They even bit and strangled each other during their five-minute battle, with the 250lb lighter-coloured one eventually coming out on top.

Aggressive: The bears showed a ferocious side, but did not use their sharp nails to much effect, so the fight was most likely a friendly one

Photographer Adrian Tavano, 39, was excited to capture the action at Zoo Miami in Florida.

He described it as 'something like a WWE fight'.

He said: 'I have never seen bears so agitated or wrestling in this manner before.

'They wrestled and rolled around, using choking manoeuvres and biting each other.

'They did not use their huge sharp nails because they live together at the zoo, so it was more friendly than fierce.'

Overpowered: During their five-minute rumpus, they even bit and strangled each other. The 250lb lighter-coloured one eventually came out on top

He added: 'The fight lasted for about five minutes. They were an even match but the one with the lighter fur won in my opinion.

'After the match, the black one ran on top of a large rock in their enclosure and the grey one was taunting him in a funny way.'

Adrian, from Miami, added: 'I was about 20 to 30 feet away.

'The bears were mildly aggressive but because it was a controlled environment I was not scared.'

The bears have 10-inch-long tongues that extend so they can eat termites in their hiding holes.



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