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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oskar vs the world: Touching videos of a playful kitten born without eyes

By Richard Hartley-parkinson

Scroll down to see some of Oskar's videos

Intrigue: Oskar the cat has all the interest of a regular cat and plays with a ball despite not being able to see it

These touching images and videos show that it is possible to have a life despite not having the power of sight... even when you're a cat.

This blind feline is just as mischievous, playful and loving as any regular cat.

Oskar has become a hit online and has already attracted almost 3million views on YouTube since his first upload in mid-October.

His capers include an argument with a hair dryer, fascination with bell-filled balls and climbing his owner to get to his food.

He looks like any other contented cat, purring with his eyes closed, but Oskar was born without eyeballs

The one with the hair dryer

When he was born, Oskar's eyeballs failed to form and his owners were worried that he would not fit in with their other cat, Klaus.

They kept the pair separate until Oskar was eight weeks old, but he quickly formed a bond with eight-year-old Klaus and now they are inseparable.

Oskar has all the playfulness of a kitten and frequently attacks long-suffering Klaus, but the older one knows who's boss so lets him get on with it.

They also share moments of heart-warming affection and can be seen in one of the videos grooming one another as they role around on the floor.

Standing on his hind quarters, Oskar appears to be fighting against the stream of air emitting from a hair dryer

Klaus looks on as a hungry Oskar climbs his owner's leg as he makes a dash for the food

The one with the 'fighting' and cuddles

Long suffering Klaus is pounced on by Oskar who stumbled across the older cat as he walked across the lounge floor

After all that playing, Oskar is given a 'bath' by Klaus. The pair regularly groom one another

The one with the hair dryer:



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