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Friday, November 25, 2011

Foxy Roxy makes herself top dog as she moves in with family who rescued her

Roxy behaves like a dog - going for walks on a lead, eating from a bowl and playing with a bone

By Rob Cooper

Top dog: Roxy - who once leapt into a pushchair and fell asleep - leaps at a dog as she goes for a walk

This fox has moved in with a family as a tame pet after being rescued by her kind-hearted owner.

Remarkably Roxy goes for walks on a lead, eats from a dog bowl and even plays with toy bones with her canine chums.

She happily walks around the shops with her owner and has been known to lounge around in the house, trying to show the household's pet dogs she is boss.

Her owner, Geoff Grewcock, 61, says she won't eat raw meat, and can even sit placidly in a chicken coop while the hens peck at her.

Roxy, a ten-year-old red fox, was taken in by Geoff who runs an animal rescue centre in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, after she was found tied to metal railings.

He intended to rehabiliate her into the wild, but quickly realised she was tame and didn't know how to hunt for herself.

So he decided to look after her at his home, giving her a pen in the garden and introducing her to his pet dogs.

Britain's tamest fox? Roxy goes for a walk on a lead along with a dog. She was rescued by Geoff Grewcock, 61, after being found tied to some railings

Fox thinks its a dog: Rosie Clinton, 19, takes Roxy for a walk at the sanctuary where she has been looked after in Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Before he knew it, she was playing with the pooches and enjoying dog toys, as well as wanting to go out for walks with her new friends.

Geoff, a grandfather-of-one, said: 'She seems to get tamer and tamer.

'She has no hunting instinct at all - you can put her in with the chickens and she would just sit there while they peck her.

'She has cooked chicken for dinner because she doesn't like any raw meat.

'You can stroke her and people in Nuneaton love to make a fuss of her when they see her out walking.

'Most spoilt fox in Britain': Roxy eats from a dog bowl. Her owner says he has put her in with chickens - and they just peck at her

'Once, she even jumped in a pushchair with a little two-year-old and curled up asleep - the little girls' mum knew her and didn't mind at all.

'I let her in the house sometimes but she causes havoc playing with the dogs so she has her own pen in the garden.

'She has dog toys in there and sometimes she teases the dogs by sticking her big rubber bone through the wire and snatching it back when they try to eat it.

'She's a great favourite around here - she must be the most spoilt fox in Britain.'



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