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Monday, November 28, 2011

Bubbled-up! Video of baby laughing hysterically as her pet dog tries to catch bubbles in the air becomes a YouTube hit

By Simon Tomlinson

Scroll down for the video

Bursting onto the scene: Bennie, the German Shepherd, catches bubbles to the delight of baby Molly in the clip which has gone viral

A baby laughs infectiously as her pet dog pops bubbles in a clip that has become an internet sensation.

The nine-month-old tot begins by looking inquisitively at her mother who is holding a bubble gun from behind the camera.

Then, as she fires it, their dog comes bounding into the picture feverishly bursting the bubbles with its mouth, much to the youngster's hysterics.

Infectious: Molly creases up with laughter as Bennie waits for the next round of bubbles to be fired from her mother

Molly, who is sitting among her toys in the living room, finds the whole episode hilarious as her canine companion attempts to eat as many as possible, licking his lips with delight after each one.

Needless to say, the video has gone viral and now you can even get Molly's laugh as a ringtone.

Her mother has posted the video and others of Molly on YouTube under the username JessOrT.

Pop-ular: Molly beams from ear to ear as Bennie clamps his jaws round another bubble. The tot's laugh has now become a ringtone

Cute: Bennie waits eagerly for more bubbles to be shot out from behind the camera. Molly can't wait for more action either

Sweet: At first, Molly was confused as to what was happening. Until Bennie came bounding into the picture, that is. Her mother said Molly wasn't that interested in bubbles until their pet showed her how fun they could be

The 29-year-old, who describes herself as a stay-at-home mum, said: 'On a lazy day, I decided to try blowing bubbles for my daughter, Molly.

'At first, she didn't think they were all that, but then Bennie, the dog, showed Molly how much fun bubbles can be.

'Molly thought Bennie's bubble popping was the funniest thing she has seen in her 9-1/2 months!'

She said the family adopted Bennie from a shelter in Illinois in 2008. He is a German Shepherd and Beagle mix.



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