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Friday, October 14, 2011

Walking on water: Stunning pictures show swan scooting across surface of lagoon

By Sara Nelson

Take off: The male swan spreads his wings and scoots across the glass-like surface of the water in Watermead Park, in Leicester

These stunning pictures capture the moment a swan sprints across a lagoon to challenge a male rival, leaving a spray of water in its wake.

The snaps show the swan ducking its head and spreading its majestic wings just inches from the surface of the water.

Wildlife photographer Paul Budd spent three hours lying on a specially-built revolving viewing platform to capture the images at Watermead Country Park, Leicester, two weeks ago.

Patience: Wildlife photographer Paul Budd spent three hours lying on a specially built revolving viewing platform to capture the striking shots

Paul, 63, a retired engineer, said: 'I was midway through an afternoon shoot when I spotted this swan "doing a Jesus" - literally running across the water.

'It was neither taking off nor landing, but just scooting across the surface.

'I think he'd spotted a rival male jostling in with his lady friend so he charged across, all guns blaring.

'I knew it would make an interesting shot with the spray from the water - I was just lucky to capture it.

'I always say you don't have to travel thousands of miles to the Serengeti - or some other exotic destination - to capture these special wildlife moments.

'Often there is so much great stuff closer to home.'

Keep away: Swans mate for life and can become jealous of love rivals - as this swan's behaviour suggests



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