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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pepperoni to go (and better hurry it up): Black bear terrifies customers as he drops in for a late-night pizza

By Mail Foreign Service

Self-service: The grown black bear leans on the counter as he swipes the pizzas from Fat Tony's in Whistler, Canada

Traditionally, bears like nothing better than a pot of honey to dip their paws in.
But this hungry chap clearly prefers pizza.

And what a stir he caused at Fat Tony's joint in Whistler, British Columnbia, as he helped himself to a takeaway with a difference.

Customers rushed to safety as the fully grown black bear entered the premises and took pictures from behind the stainless steel counter of him wolfing down four freshly cooked pizzas.

It seemed his taste was for the vegetarian and cheeseburger options.

Having let himself in through the back door close to the pizza shops close to the 10pm closing time, the bear eventually was shooed away by animal control only after he had filled his appetite.

'I was at a bar across the road called Tapley's and I heard a massive commotion coming from across the road in Fat Tony's,' said onlooker Nicole Smith.

'I was with a bunch of people who ran out to say that there was a big 400 pound bear in the restaurant eating pizza.

Late night snack: The bear arrived just before 10pm and helped himself to four freshly cooked pizzas - with vegetarian and cheeseburger toppings

'So we rushed across the road to check it out and saw the bear inside the pizza place up on the counter eating away at a pizza.

'It was having difficulty not slipping off the stainless steel counter but was able to reach up and grab all the pizza slices it wanted.

'He was eating slice by slice and had impeccable manners for a bear.' Calmly ushered out of the pizza restaurant by the management, Nicole and her friends couldn't help but laugh at the potentially deadly gate crasher.

Don't mind if I do: The bear was eventually shooed away by animal control experts after enjoying his takeaway with a difference.

'The bear ate all the pizza available to him and then after being allowed to film for a while we were asked to leave,' said Nicole.

'They established a safety zone around the restaurant while the authorities scared him away.

'He had a tag, so I guess they know him, although I haven't seen him around.

'I imagine that they will keep the back door closed more often now.'



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