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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'll box your ears! Angry mother kangaroo pictured telling off her naughty joey

By Daily Mail Reporter

This cheeky young kangaroo won't be misbehaving again after what looked like a stern telling off from his long-suffering mum.

In an uncannily human-like show of emotion, the female appears to dish out some tough love to her offspring.

She is seen grabbing the joey by the shoulders in what looks like an attempt to catch his attention.

In other pictures, she towers menacingly above the startled youngster and even appears to point a warning finger at him as he squirms out of her pouch.

I'll box your ears: This mother kangaroo seemed to be very frustrated with her joey in Yuraygir National Park in the New South Wales, Australia

The scene between mother and baby were caught on camera by John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk.

The married couple, from the Catskill Mountains, in New York State, America, were visiting the Yuraygir National Park in New South Wales, Australia.

And they were lucky enough to find this Eastern Grey kangaroo female with her offspring.

Yva said: 'This was one of two females with young joeys. The mothers were grazing in short grass and periodically resting, while the babies kept sticking their heads and legs out of the pouches.

'The scene was very peaceful and had an intimacy of a nursery - mamas and babies enjoying a warm day in the sun.

'We stayed with the kangaroos all day and when evening came the action got more vigorous.

Chastised: The little joey looks terrified of his mother as he bends away from her

'The joeys began to scramble out of the pouches, jump around in the grass, interact with their mothers, and then jump back in.

'It was great fun to watch, and since we moved gently the mothers ignored our presence, which made us happy.

'The young joeys learn to use their long limbs and improve their sense of balance by jumping in and out of their mothers' pouches.'

She added: 'Getting such intimate pictures with the animals interacting and not paying attention to the photographers was most rewarding.



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