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Friday, May 6, 2011

Horror as crazed bull terrier clamps jaws round neck of cow during attack on herd

By Richard Hartley-parkinson

The dog takes a bite at one of the cow's necks and just doesn't let go as his owner shouts and chases after him

This is the horrifying moment that a bull terrier dog clamps its jaws around the neck of a cow during an 15-minute sustained attack on a herd.

The cow's size does not daunt the dog as it clings onto the cows neck for 30 seconds while a distressed farmer fights to pull it off.

Many of the cattle standing in the fields of Petersham Meadows in Richmond are pregnant at the time of the attack and the owner of the vicious beast cannot be traced.

Brutal: The dog lets go momentarily after being shaken off by the cow, which makes its way towards the herd

The herd included calves and witnesses said that some of the older cows butted the dog, called Stamford, and tried to trample it during the attack on Bank Holiday Monday.

One of the brown cows looks as thought it is defending another one and after the dog is tossed into the air it then goes for the brown one instead.

Herdsman Ian Brown, 64, eventually managed to grab hold of the bull terrier and puts its lead on for a man in a red t-shirt who appears to be the owner.

The man is then chased out of the field by one of the cows and he runs off before he can be questioned by police.

A witness told the London Evening Standard: 'The dog was vicious. It went for the cows and just attacked. It should have been on a leash.

As the dog's owner and herdsman Ian Brown get closer the dog goes to grab hold of the cow again. Another, the brown one to the right, sees what is happening and steps in to help

The brown cow knocks the dog flying and soon after it is caught by Mr Brown who puts a lead on the dog which is then chased away with its owner by one of the cows

'It was hanging off one of the cow's necks at one point. It was very distressing.'
The meadows are part of the view from Richmond Hill - the only panorama in England to be protected by an Act of Parliament.

The National Trust vowed to keep the cattle on the meadow when it took over the land, painted by JMW Turner in the 19th Century and described by Sir Walter Scott as 'an unrivalled landscape'.

A spokesman said: 'Fortunately our herdsman is okay and the injuries to the cattle are only superficial. It’s important that people keep dogs on leads around livestock.'

A police added: 'Police attended the scene after reports of a dog attacking cattle in Richmond on Monday.

'The dog and its owner could not be traced.'

A farmer in Ashford, Kent, has won £889 compensation after a Red Nose Day balloon released by pupils at Lyndhurst primary school in Camberwell, 50 miles away, killed his bullock, which choked to death on the string.



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