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Monday, April 4, 2011

Royal Mail bans deliveries to an entire street over ‘menace’ Jack Russell

By Matt Blake

Don't let his doleful eyes and soggy whiskers fool you.

For this is the face of a cold-blooded terror, hellbent on tearing chunks from any stranger who dares tread his precious driveway... or so Royal Mail would have you believe.

Meet Rusty the Jack Russell, whose squeaky yap strikes fear into the heart of postal workers throughout Plymouth, in Devon.

He is so fearsome that post chiefs have now banned all door-to-door deliveries to his entire street - after tried to nip one terrified postie.

Barely the size of a cat, Rusty has been branded 'an unacceptable hazard' to staff.

Now residents of more than 30 homes on Newman Road, in Plymouth, have been told to collect their own mail from the post office rather than from their doormat, after the hound 'attacked a postal worker'.

Residents say the decision is 'barmy'.

Mum of four Karen Mitchell - Rusty's owner - said: 'They've suspended the post in the whole street over a dog that's smaller than my cat.

'He's just a small, yappy dog. If the kids open the front door, he runs out. He barks but if you walk towards him he just runs away. He's never bitten anyone.'

She said the harmless mutt actually belongs to her five-year-old son and even sleeps in his bed at night.

No more post: Mum of four Karen Mitchell hit out after residents of more than 30 homes on Newman Road, in Plymouth, were told to collect their mail from the post office rather than from their doormats

Rusty is one of three dogs owned by the family - they have a 12 year old German Shepherd named Molly and a three year old Rottweiler called Mia.

Karen said the last letter she received was on March 25th from Mail chief saying: 'The dog attacked the postman on the 24th and we have now suspended deliveries to the whole of Newman Road.

'This exceptional step has been taken in order to safeguard Royal Mail employees.'

Resident Gordon England, 55, said: 'I can't believe it's been suspended for the whole street.'



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