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Monday, April 11, 2011

Photographer snaps amazing picture of insect carrying petal back to its nest


The hard-working ant balances a huge yellow petal above its head as it marches on its hind legs back to its nest

This hard-working ant balances a huge yellow petal above its head as it marches along on its hind legs.

The 1cm-long insect carries food and flowers left for him by photographer Andiyan Lutfi under a mango tree near his house.

The red ant used the material to build a nest before queuing with other workers to quench his thirst on water droplets caught on an over-hanging branch.

Andiyan, 36, snaps away as the ants go about their day-to-day lives in Cibinong Village, Indonesia.

He said: 'I observe the amazing behaviour of the ants under the mango tree almost every day.

'I like to take photographs of the ants to show how extraordinary they are. They can work well as a team or as individuals.

'The ants take leaves or whatever else there is under the tree and make a nest out of them.

'These photos show a male ant biting into a yellow petal I gave him and taking it to their nest. They will bite into anything I give them.

'The female, or queen ant, usually stays in the nest.' The red ants, known locally as Rang-rang, live in colonies where each has their own role as either worker, drone or queen.

The colony is so important to the creatures that they would sacrifice themselves to protect their home.

source: dailymail


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