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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's a dog's wife: Why female pooches are 'more intelligent' than males


Eye on the ball: Using an experiment involving tennis balls scientists have discovered differences in the brains of female and male dogs

If your female dog can sit, lie down and even bring your slippers then it may not just be well trained.

It could actually be all in her brain.

A study has found that female canine brains are different from that of their male counterparts.

And in at least once task the females have the edge.

No idea: Detailed analysis of the study found that male dogs did not noticed anything odd at all about the balls - yet the females did

Scientists studied a range of common household dogs of both sexes to see whether they understood a simple cognition task that humans understand by the age of one.

The task involved the realisation that objects do not change shape simply because they disappear from view.

They set up a wooden board and using a system involving blue tennis balls and used four different scenarios.

source: dailymail


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