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Friday, April 1, 2011

Here's a fishy tail! Dogs sculpted into works of art for extreme grooming contests


Catherine Opson's dogs Renegade and Twinkle make a double act with their Koi carps and cure panda

If you are the kind of person who enjoys dressing your dog - then perhaps this is the next step.

These pets have been transformed into a bison, a court jester and a scorpion at America's extreme dog grooming contests.

The dogs have all been sheared and coloured in the name of art.

Missy apears to have a Japanese woman draped across her back while Falcor is a fire-breathing dragon

Josh stars as an eagle while Duchess is the Queen of Hearts

Animal photographer Ren Netherland from Florida, travels thousands of miles every year capturing these stunning transformations at 'creative grooming' shows around America.

In addition to sculpting other animal's out of their beloved pooches, competitors also carve intricate designs such as a Native American headdress on the side of their 'buffalo' dog,

It takes two intense hours for the creative groomers - mainly women - to produce their masterpieces before facing judges.

Expert dog snapper Ren said: 'The owners have to grow out their dog's hair in preparation for the show - so that it's long enough for them to make something.

Hair of the dog: Angela Kumpe's dog Josh as a Bison with a Native American Indian at the rear, pictured at Groom and Kennel Expo in Pasadena, California

Cindy is a multi-coloured dragon and there's a sting in the tail for Zorra, who may be a bit unnerved by that scorpion on her back

'They train and rehearse throughout the year in preparation for the competition, whittling their creation down to a fine art.

'The best thing for spectators is that when the poodles fist come onto the stage, they just look like normal poddles.

'Suddenly they are transformed before your eyes into something colourful and completely different.

'The dogs seem to enjoy the pampering and all the attention.'

At the highest level winners can scoop over £18,000 in prize money for a single event.

Jill Pipino's dog dressed as a Giraffe complete with spots - though Lord knows what the poor mutt thinks of its tail

Groom Expo Creative Grooming Competition 2010

source: dailymail


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