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Friday, April 1, 2011

Heil Kitler! First it was the house that looks like Adolf, now we bring you the cats of the furred Reich


More furballs than Goebbels: This moggie has a striking resemblance to Hitler, including a little black moustache

This week Mail Online introduced you to the house in Swansea that looks like Hitler, and now we give you the cats that look like the Nazi dictator.

These hilarious photographs show moggies with striking resemblances to Adolf Hitler.

Their white faces have black markings just below their noses just like Hitler's and even the fur on the top of their heads mimics the slanted side parting sported by the WWII German leader.

Puss in Jackboots: This kitten even perfects Hitler's comb over

This Kitler has a perfect Hitleresque square moustache

Eyes of evil: This lookalike looks like he is thinking up an evil plan as he sits under a kitchen table

The house in Swansea that came to light on Twitter for its resemblance to the Nazi dictator

The house in Swansea that looks like Hitler became a Twitter sensation after comedian Jimmy Carr picked up a post by 22-year-old, Charli Dickenson.

The owner of the end-of-terrace in Port Tenant is said to be baffled by all the attention while neighbours are seeing the funny side.

The cats have been compiled from photographs on a website dedicated to cats that look like Hitler, simply called catsthatlooklikehitler.com.

More Gerry than Tom: This Kitler is having a rest from catching mice

The pictures have been put onto a website dedicated to cats that look like Hitler

This Hitler cat steps outside for a moment in the sun

source: dailymail


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