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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The four-legged thieves: Mischievous dogs steal £33m from owners every year

By Mail On Sunday Reporter

Taste for theft: Pugs have been found to be the most likely dog to steal their owners' things, a survey says

Mischievous dogs are responsible for stealing a staggering £33 million worth of their owners’ possessions each year, according to new research.

Almost three-quarters of items taken are underwear, a survey found.

One in ten dogs has a taste for the finer things in life, such as cash and jewellery, while slippers, TV remote controls and toys are also on the list.

And as pupils up and down the country can confirm, even homework is included in the canine crimewave.

A study by dog food company Bakers Complete showed that pugs are the most likely to steal, followed by cocker spaniels, labradors and shih tzus.

Animal behaviourist Peter Neville said: ‘More often than not, dogs do this to encourage family members to play with them.’

Mr Neville said that thefts do not come naturally to dogs and stealing their owners' possessions might simply be a means of convenient entertainment.

'If an unusual or high value object does vanish and you suspect your dog is the culprit, check the obvious hiding places first, as highlighted in our research – the basket, the garden and under the sofa,' he added.

The Bakers Complete study also revealed that dogs in Scotland and Wales are the most likely to be light-pawed with their owners' belongings, while Northern Irish canines are the least likely to steal.

The research also found that 19 per cent of owners are embarrassed by their mischievous mutt’s behaviour.

Loyal companion? Your faithful friend may not be as trustworthy as you assumed



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