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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two legs good, six legs better! Chihuahua triplets adapt to life without front paws


Kensi, Hetti and G are Chihuahua triplets who were born without their front legs but are adapting to life on two legs

They may be the cutest things on six legs.

And these 10-week-old Chihuahua triplets are ready for a good home.

Foster careworkers are currently working with the Methuen, Massachusetts MSPCA who are looking after the puppies that were born without front legs.

Adapting: The puppies were said to be showing tremendous resilience and enthusiasm despite their disability and may be candidates for wheeled carts

Kensi, Hetty and G were not only born disabled, but soon after their birth their owner died, leaving them homeless.

Staff have confirmed that the puppies are adapting to life without front legs and are potential candidates for wheeled carts.

The Boston Herald reported that keeping up with the other dogs has been no easy feat for the tiny pups as they work to strengthen their abs and graduate to the use of wheeled carts.

The adoption centre staff quickly assessed that the Chihuahuas were adapting to life without front legs and could be potential candidates for wheeled carts

The puppies astounded MSPCA workers with their resilient nature and how well they were coping with only two legs

MSPCA spokesman Brian Adams said: 'This is a condition that we rarely see. Even more rare is to see it occur in so many puppies from the same litter.

'These animals have amazed us with how much they can accomplish on their own.

'They don’t know they’re missing those front legs, so they have adapted and overcome the hurdles in front of them.

'They learn behaviours but also to interact and socialize with other young animals of the same mindset.

'Many animals do fantastic with front or rear wheel carts. They have fantastic outlooks, remain consistently upbeat, and basically we are ensuring they’ll have a bright future ahead of them, but they’re the ones doing all the work.

'The puppies astounded us with their upbeat and resilient nature. They immediately showed us that they could overcome their physical obstacle as they hopped and ran after each other.'

The three Chihuahuas are currently in the care of experienced foster parents, Linda and Marty Jones, who have provided care to the MSPCA's homeless animals.

source: dailymail


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