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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There's a frog in my fridge! Couple's shock as tropical amphibian jumps out of her salad

By Daily Mail Reporter

Donna Hunt believes the frog that gave her such a fright had been concealed in strawberries that she bought from Tesco

A woman preparing last night's dinner lost her appetite when she went to the fridge and found a... tropical tree FROG.

Donna Hunt, 32, screamed as the creature leapt onto the kitchen floor and hopped about as her husband Steve, 46, scrambled around trying to catch it.

It is believed the frog was concealed among the groceries she had bought earlier in the day from Tesco's and put in the fridge.

Donna, from Tuffley, Gloucester, said: 'I saw what I thought was a mouldy strawberry at the bottom of the fridge. I went to get it and it was all slimy and was moving about.

'I screamed and got my husband to come and check it and then found out it was a frog.

'He realised straight away that it wasn't native to Britain because it had big pads on its feet. My husband was very excited, he loves animals. But I was absolutely terrified.'

The couple believe the frog had been hiding in either the strawberries, mixed salad or celery which they had bought at Tesco in Quedgeley.

Donna with the fruit and veg she brought from Tesco which she believes contained the tropical tree frog

Donna, an operating department practitioner at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, said: 'It can't have been from anywhere else than Tesco.

'We got back from skiing in Andorra on Sunday and had an empty fridge until we went to do the shoppin. So it was only the Tesco shopping in the fridge.'

The couple called the RSPCA and an officer collected it today to take it to an amphibian specialist.

Donna has been offered replacement goods and a Tesco spokesman, said: 'Such a find is exceptionally rare. We are investigating with our suppliers.'



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