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Sunday, March 13, 2011

PE teacher tells headmaster: 'I can't come in to work... I've been bitten by a CROCODILE'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Mr Brand shows off his arm bite from the reptile in his native Zimbabwe after he had gone 'crocodile wrestling'

A PE teacher phoned his headmaster to tell him that he couldn't make it into school because he had been bitten by a crocodile.

Scott Brand, phoned school chiefs at the £9,630-a-term at the Cumnor House School in Haywards Heath in West Sussex, to say he 'needed a few days off' after the croc sunk its teeth into his left arm while he was on holiday.

The 21-year-old said the razor-toothed reptile had struck in his native Zimbabwe after he and his friends had gone 'crocodile wrestling' after a 'few beers'.

He told school chiefs that he couldn't come in, adding: ‘Sorry, I've been bitten by a crocodile.’

The teacher - who also plays as an openside flanker for Uckfield Rugby Club in East Sussex - explained how he had gone 'croc wrestling' with friends in Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe in January.
He admitted he had had a few drinks before deciding to tackle the crocodile by jumping into the water from his boat and trying to grab it round the neck.

He said: ‘Unfortunately I had also been sampling Africa's finest lager all afternoon, making our plans to wrestle with one of the water's most dangerous predators all the more tricky.

‘I saw a four-foot long croc and just jumped in and grabbed it.
‘It went nuts and was really going for me and it eventually got a hold of my left arm and bit down.’

He added: ‘It was bloody sore, but I got back on land and just poured some vodka over it and bandaged it up.’

Mr Brand admitted that he and his pals 'weren't too concerned', adding: ‘We were in the middle of a lake, right in the middle of nowhere.

‘We were four days away from civilisation, but to be honest it only took a few seconds before I got another beer down me and we stayed for another six days.’

When he got back to the UK, however, his left arm had swollen up and become infected and he was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Scott Brand said of the croc: 'It went nuts and was really going for me and it eventually got a hold of my left arm and bit down'

Doctors at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead operated on the wound after discovering that blood poisoning was setting in and stitched the wound up.

He said school staff and pupils were 'amazed' when he told them why he needed a few days off sick, adding: ‘Everyone at school, the headmaster, kids and other teachers, were shocked and couldn't believe I had been bitten by a crocodile.

‘I was off school for a few days and missed three rugby matches.

‘Everyone is calling me croc bait or Mick Dundee now.’



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