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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The lamb with an extra spring in his step: Five-legged 'Jake the peg' doesn't let his extra limb get in the way

By Daily Mail Reporter

Frolics: Five-legged lamb Jake the Peg doesn't let his extra limb slow him down

Ewe won't believe your eyes... this plucky spring lamb is frolicking about just fine despite being born with five legs.

The unusual creature, who has been aptly named Jake the Peg, was born last week with two normal hind legs and three front legs.

But the bizarre deformity hasn't stopped Jake leaping around his field in Newnham, Northants, with hundreds of other newly born lambs.

And he continues to baffle his owners by beating the odds - as most lambs born with deformities tend not to last long.

Bizzare: The unusual animal has two normal hind legs and THREE front legs. But despite the deformity he can get about just fine

Owner Pip Hopcraft said: 'He's a tough one alright - we've had more than 600 lambs born over the past few weeks and some are inevitably born with a deformity.

'However they don't usually last long. And it is especially uncommon to have a lamb born healthy with five legs.

'But Jake the Peg appears well enough and it doesn't seem to be causing him any problems.'

The little lamb was born part of triplets which makes it even more unusual Jake was healthy enough to survive with a deformity.

But Pip added: 'I'll be putting an elastic band around his extra leg today and it will eventually drop off.

'There is bone inside the extra leg but no bone attaching it to Jake so it wont effect him.'



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