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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's a frog's life!


Having a vine time: A tomato plant is a great place to hang

They're not everyone’s idea of the perfect model — but these frogs have spawned a brilliant set of photographs.

It’s all the work of amateur photographer Bob Garas, 53, who patiently snapped the tiny amphibians at his home in Orlando, Florida.

‘We have lots of frogs around here,’ he says. ‘After it rains it’s not unusual to find dozens of them at the doors and windows.'

Cracked it: This little fellow felt he needed to come out of his shell

By the book: But is this chap in the frame for a bestseller?

One for the toad? Perhaps this frog's been on the bottle a little too long

In search of the perfect shot, he will often spend hours working with his unusual subjects.

Bored of humans and more obvious pets he turned his talents to frogs, but admits the the task takes a great deal of patience.

Tricky treat: Two scamps climb inside a pumpkin ready for Halloween

'I love animals and so I decided to try and do something a bit different with the frogs which were paying me a visit.

'Every now and then I will just take a frog into the studio and sit it on a a prop, I just choose things which I believe will make for an interesting photograph.

'Of course it's not always easy. Sometimes I strike lucky and I get one which is happy to co-operate with me, but other times they just end up jumping everywhere including half way up the walls.

Hello petal: This tiny Kermit's found a really daffy place to hide

Getting it taped: Inch by inch, this frog has the measure of this obstacle

'Once I have captured the shot I simply put the frogs back outside.

'I have been taking pictures since I got my first digital camera ten years ago and I've worked with lots of other animals before including chickens and dogs.

'I have to admit frogs are the biggest challenge but the result is definitely worth it.'

They’re not harmed, of course, and after they’ve had their close-ups, Bob makes sure they hop it, safely, back into the wild.

Budding climber: Hanging on by his fingertips, he's determined to conquer this heavy plant

source: dailymail


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