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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feeding time for the five-day-old silverback so well protected by its mother that zookeepers don't know what sex it is


Family: The five day old baby gorilla suckles on its mother as she holds his arm and another appears to be looking on affectionately

These incredible photographs show a tiny gorilla, just five days old, sleeping in the arms of its mother at Zurich zoo.

The photographs were taken today in the Swiss capital and show the proud mother, N'Yokumi looking after her newborn baby that vets have not yet been able to get close to.

That means they don't know what sex it is yet so hasn't been given a name, but mother and baby are getting on well and both appear healthy.

Thanks mum: After drinking its mother's milk, the tiny gorilla snuggles in her arms

She looks down at the baby lovingly and he appears to look back for reassurance before slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.

N'Yokumi gave birth the day before her tenth birthday on Saturday during the early hours of the morning.

The other gorillas have shown the new arrival lots of attention and all appear to approve of the latest addition to their number.

The father is a 34-year old Silverback N'Gola western lowland gorilla and they are part of the European Endangered Species Programme which has around 430 animals at 65 institutions.

They are classed as endangered on the Red List of the World Conservation Union.

Dropping off: The baby gorilla's eyes grow heavy in the comfort of its mother's embrace

Snooze time: The youngster falls sound asleep

source: dailymail


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