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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The eagle has landed... on my windscreen! Bird smashes into 60mph truck (but flies again after making miraculous recovery)

By Daily Mail Reporter

Crash landing: The young bald eagle's head pokes through the windscreen after a truck hit the bird at 60mph in Bear Lake, Idaho. It suffered internal bleeding but no broken bones

With its head stuck through a windscreen after being hit by a truck at 60mph, nobody gave the young bald eagle much of a chance of survival.

But the bird nicknamed Wiegle - short for 'Window Eagle' - has made a miraculous recovery and is flying high again in the wilds of Bear Lake, Idaho.

The eagle's battle for life began after it was hit while feeding on a dead deer on the road and flew in the wrong direction as the semi approached.

Fly away: The bald eagle, nicknamed Wiegle, is set free into the wild after a month of treatment

Amazingly the young female suffered no broken bones, but had internal bleeding. First it was taken to Idaho Fish and Game in Pocatello before being driven toTeton Raptor Center in Wilson, Wyoming.

There it was nursed back to health for a month before Wiegle proved she was ready to be released as she flew, ate on her own, and was able to navigate and land.

Finally, she was released back to her Bear Lake home.

Teton Director Amy Brennan McCarthey said: 'This return to the wild qualifies as the most remarkable among our success stories.

'We are very proud to play a role in giving this eagle a second chance at freedom.'



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