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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

British couple told to keep quiet after spotting shark close to Egyptian holiday resort

By Daily Mail Reporter

Killer: A British couple saw a tiger shark biting into a human corpse off the Egyptian coast

A British couple holidaying in Egypt saw a shark feasting on a human body but were asked not to mention the incident.

Richard King and Laura Hooper were on a dive boat near Sharm el-Sheikh when they saw a tiger shark eating a corpse only a few hundred yards from the shore.

But rather than stopping the boat to fish out the female body, the tour company kept going and told their passengers to keep quiet about seeing the shark.

Egyptian authorities had temporarily banned all diving at the resort last December after a German female tourist was killed by a shark in front of horrified swimmers.

At least four other tourists were thought to have been injured in shark attacks at the same time.

Mr King, from Swindon, told The Sun his partner was reduced to tears by the gruesome sight as they went on a scuba diving excursion.

‘We were asked by the crew not to say anything as it would be bad for tourism,’ he added.

‘We couldn't believe it when there were people swimming in the water the next day. There was no mention of sharks in the water or a dead body.’
The pair cut short their holiday after their shark encounter as their taste for the ocean had been ruined.

A spokesman for the tour company involved said the corpse had not been killed by a shark and insisted the dive boat crew reported the sighting even as the vessel kept moving.

Diving fears: Sharm el-Sheikh saw several shark attacks last year



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