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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Out of my way, don't you know this is a trunk road? Angry elephant rams car into ditch


Road hog: Five-tonne elephant tries to barge car off road in South African safari park

When an elderly man booked a safari adventure of a lifetime to South Africa he knew he'd been in for a trip he'd never forget.

But little did he know that he'd end up getting involved in a physical encounter with an aggressive elephant.

Irishman John Somers took a friend for a relaxing holiday to the Pilansberg Game Reserve in Johannesburg to celebrate his 66th birthday.

But as the wildlife enthusiasts drove along a dusty road they found themselves in the path of a five-tonne bull elephant, who charged towards them.

At first the massive mammal, named Amarula, went trunk-to-trunk with the grey car, before resting his weight right down on top of it.

The boystrous elephant then flipped the vehicle over into a ditch like a toy car as the terrified occupants hung on for dear life.

Trunk-to-trunk: Sexually charged bull elephant shows the wildlife enthusiasts in the car who's boss

Give it a rest: Massive mammal sits on top of the vehicle, driven by 66-year-old John Somers, who was on a birthday trip with a friend

Luckily the bull eventually got bored and the pair escaped with only minor cuts and bruises.

It is believed the animal was pumped full of hormones as it went in search of the mate.

The full sequence of bizarre events was captured by photographer Riaan van Wyk, who was watching from a safe distance.

Bowled over by the wildlife: The elephant flipped the vehicle like a toy car but luckily both passengers escaped with only minor cuts and bruises

source: dailymail


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